Currently: July 2016


It’s voting time in Australia and so the hunt was on for Australia House in London. Along the way I enjoyed finding all the Monopoly streets and the quintessential English past time of tea drinking offered up the Twinings shop also. The tea they were serving at the time: Jasmine Pearl, one of my absolute favourites. Win!

DSCN1150  DSCN1110


Negotiating transport systems and finding new places which always gives me raging anxiety attacks was made easier by the extremely helpful and I found absolutely lovely employees of the transport systems over here. Great success on the underground so far I am happy to report.2 out of 2 for getting to the place I meant to go first time. No back tracking, no redirections. Woo! Less success myself in the streets but that is always me .. and I find so many things while being lost or just wandering. So I can’t complain too much.




Exploring: The mother ship that is Harrods. The Albert and Victoria Museum. Canary Wharf and the Cross Rail Tunnels roof top gardens. Bliss. London and its museums and galleries  10/10.


6  DSCN1172


Listening to: Songs on Repeat July 2016


Missing: Game of Thrones. Everyone is saying the new season was awesome. The Blacklist. I am going to have so much catching up to do… and finding out whether Blindspot is worth investing time in. Also my peeps. Traveling solo is fantastic. Some things are better with conversations, comparisons, ongoing commentary, laughs, giggles, guffaws and judgements.


Loving: Red Geraniums all over London. Discovering new varieties of Tomatoes. Museums that let you play.

20160623_170008[1]  9


E x




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