Currently: July 2016

Stand outs this week.

This week I decided to reinstitute Slow Down Sundays aka Defrag Day. I used to do this at home. A day when I make myself stop. No being productive allowed. The day can include anything I want as long as its for me and not work or catch up of any kind. In honour of the events grand re-opening the day was spent doing nails and hair treatments in the morning and moved onto a walk to the park buying smoked cheese, juice and an English fashion magazine along the way. I have been so keen to check these out. Some time in the sun on the grass eating, drinking and totally immersed in either my beautiful surroundings or the magazine and I walked back happy indeed.


Exploring: Kensington Gardens. Kensington Palace Gardens. Hyde Park. Big and Little Ben. The streets of Kensington and Chelsea. Sloan Street.

Listening to:


Missing: Of all things – Kitchens. Never thought that would happen. I’ve realised after 4 plus months of improvised meals depending on facilities available that having a stocked Kitchen, appliances and storage to be able to put together more rounded and varied meals when you choose really is a life benefit I like to have. Not being able to prepare even the simplest of foods at times is trying and packaged or microwaveable  food is less than ideal often nutritionally and mostly always taste wise. Actually probably mostly always for both.

Loving: Squirrels. Sculptures and painted nails.

20160619_163829                20160703_173430


E x



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