Getting your Ducks in a Row

Or your Swans, whichever.

A few weeks ago I was accused of not being organised enough… which is quite ironic given the things I’ve been looking at and the jobs I’ve often done. There are things you’ll do well at and others that you will lapse in. I’ve rarely met anyone though where no part of their life was working and when that has happened it was usually through overwhelm and temporary.

What you do find often though is we are losing hours and hours of our life to the minutia. The necessities or drudgery that keep our lives on track. Bills, washing, cleaning, paperwork, correspondence, schedules, commitments and on it goes. In business time is money and so businesses streamline and improve every aspect they can to free up time, staff, resources etc. Life really is the same. I, like you have things I’d rather be doing but I like clean clothes, the utilities will be turned off if I don’t organise to pay bills and eating is an enjoyable habit .. so shopping needs to be done. There are so many more areas than this though. Things that don’t just keep our lives on track but improve it and I think we’d all like that in some or many areas.

The parts of our lives that give us joy or improve it is where we want to be spending the most time. If we don’t know what all those parts are yet then we want that time to explore, create, find what they might be. Wrestling our time back from the drudgery, the unnecessary, the time consuming to do the things we do actually want to do. This is what it’s all about. Change management and organisation is looking at every individual part to improve the whole. Creating a more efficient system. A system of less or improved input for more gain. A System that is more efficient. A system that will free up time, resources and money or make improvements to the quality or output.

For most of us that’s the same things we want in life. I knew and did this in business very successfully. I realised a while back it was way past time to have fun with this again. It was time to put it into practice in my life again.

Truly, it can be so much fun. Think of it as a game, a challenge and it loses much of the worry or overwhelm you might have around it. Every little gain, every little win, every improvement or reduction. You feel such a sense of achievement and confirmation that.. yeh, you can do this, you got this. It’s not a race to the finish. There’s no timetable. Only the one you choose for yourself. There is no pressure. Start and stop as you please. It’s time to start looking at it though.

E x

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