Slow Down Sundays

The other week I decided to reinstate Slow Down Sundays aka Defrag Day.

I used to do this at home before I started travelling. We get so busy “doing” emails, work, house, blogs whatever it may be for you, that we don’t give ourselves any time to just stop and be and enjoy. We have a minute off and we feel we need to fill it with something productive or we’re wasting time. Ridiculously even travelling as I have been I was doing this to myself .. “You’re not doing enough tourist sites or quick enough. Not doing enough blog or working it out quick enough. Not catching up with work back home or emails or friends enough. Stupidity in the extreme. So it’s back! The day can include anything I want as long as its for me and not work or catch up. This back home typically involved a lovely slow day of reading, a movie or TV series, doing my nails, a little pampering an excursion or outing of some kind, catching up with friends maybe and a lovely long detox bath that evening.

Winter typically found me under a blanket on the lounge, reading. Large quantities of warm tea on the stove. Coffee with friends. Cooking large batches of soup (I find it relaxing) or stews. Summer. Under the shade of trees. Wine or movie dates with friends in air conditioned comfort. Mostly not a lot of money was involved … just time, and the commitment that it could only be spent on myself. No work, including housework.

This is a great thing to put into action for yourself. Children, no children it matters not. If you have a partner and or children make it a day you spend together … no work, no homework, no housework. Make sure you do get some ‘you’ time elsewhere though … just for you and or your friends. Alternatively have a luncheon and invite everyone. This way friends, fun, time out, kids … all being covered at the same time. It will involve some rescheduling of other things likely (and we’ll get to that as well) but it is so worth it and I think.. so very necessary in the crazy busy lives and world we live in.

You’re likely going to find it stressful just stopping. That alone should tell you to keep going. If you can’t stop for one day without dread, stress, anxiety or feeling irresponsible (insert whatever negative emotion or thought you’re having here) then I would suggest this absolutely makes the case for you including this as part of your life going forward. One day a week dedicated to self care, time with friends or family without  a ‘To Do’ list should be something to look forward to, not dread. You will come to look forward to it and love it, I promise and in a very short period of time you will find yourself making all sorts of plans for your ‘Slow Down Sunday’

Feel free to leave what you’re doing in the comments, sharing your ideas and tips with others.

E x

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