Be the CEO of your life.

Well, actually you already are. Yep. That’s right. So… How’s your job performance going? Would you give yourself a bonus or the boot? Are you kind of just moseying along putting out the fires when they come along and spending as much time on social media as you can get away with postponing what you really need to be doing. Or are you progressing well. Ticking all the boxes and up leveling your life in the ways you’d like regularly ? Making plans and meeting goals

For me the answer was certainly closer to the former than the later scenario. Then one day while I was working through one job or another that I had put off longer than I should have this occurred to me. I realised. I would never have let things progress to this stage in a work environment so why was I doing it in my personal life. I worked like a Trojan at my job and then came home and slacked off on my life, home, responsibilities etc. Who  had more at stake in working towards and promoting good outcomes in my life than me. Clean and maintained home and yards. Jobs up to date and routines in places. Finances not only taken care of but plans in place for improvements. Bills paid. Personal care, medical, exercise, time for self, family and friends?  Here I was half arsing it, delaying decisions, not doing the work, not researching or making improvements that I KNEW needed to be made AND would likely improve my life and myself. I was up to date though with the latest face book happenings – you know, the important stuff that makes a real difference in your life.

I don’t know about you but I don’t feel particularly adult like or confident and good about myself when I feel like my personal life or home is in a bit of a shambles needing a good clean and tidy so to speak. When it’s sliding. So what was the problem … I  had a handle on some of the reasons … but ultimately I decided it didn’t matter. It doesn’t matter for you either as long as you can work a solution out but most likely you do know. Often among other things it boils down to stress, overwhelm or just being plain tired or sick of it all. Too many things to take care of it feels like. The irony of it is though… the more we take care of it, the easier it becomes. I’ve had my home and life running like a dream before so I knew it was possible and I know the benefits that flow from that.

So that’s what I decided a couple of months back. I would start to approach it like I was an employee. The CEO, because I wanted the top job in my company. The buck stopped with me. Decisions were mine. I had the position and authority to make them. The performance, profits and benefits rested with me and there was HUGE performance bonuses in the offering if I got it right. I would treat the work that needed doing like it was a business I worked for. Because it is with all benefits and profits going to me and the people I love and care about. What greater incentive was there really. I would advocate and work towards the best outcomes for the company. Obviously it’s not quite as clinical as it sounds. Have fun with this. It’s simply a new way to look at things. If your life is not where you want it to be in one or more areas, treat it like it’s your job to fix it. Because it is.

Be the CEO. Get it done. Reap the rewards even if that’s just the peace of a completed job or clean house. You don’t have to .. but won’t you feel better if you do? If there’s some specific areas you’d like to look at let me know or let me know how your company is doing.

“That’s  all”

E x

Pic: Meryl Streep “The Devil Wears Prada”  (2006) Twentieth Century Fox

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