I want to give you your time back. Help you Simplify and Organise your life. So that you have more of your life for you. Who and what you want to spend your time on. More simplicity, more elegance, more living and ease and fun. Less of the mundane, less overwhelm, less stress, less stuff.

I’m Ever Belsant. I’m an Organisation and Change Management teacher and trainer. Processes. People. Events. It’s what I’ve done in every job I’ve held – no matter its title but now I focus more on people and homes than businesses. I’m also a completely fallible human and know this stuff can be harder than it looks and that a little support, encouragement and know how can go a long way.

Overworked, overwhelmed and under enthused. I’ve been there and I hear you. My mission is to help you Simplify and Organise the “stuff and things”, the mundane and necessary processes and parts of life.  To give you back some time, ease and peace so you can then design and get the life you actually want. No matter what that might look for you.

Even knowing, implementing, designing, managing and using this stuff for years. I have at times in my life fallen off the wagon and drifted into a life that no longer resembled anything I wanted. Little joy. Little ease. Dead end jobs. No challenge and a fairly grim looking future. Complete overwhelm. After a rather large wake up call and some tough lessons I started to put back into practice what I knew and previously practiced and started learning even more.

I have no desire to tell you how to live. That’s up to you and I have faith in you that you can design the life you want to live for yourself. I can show you though some of the tips, ideas and processes I’ve found that work to save you time, energy and money. Some things I used in the business world that translate well into our personal lives. Some resources I use or know or designed. With that behind you, you can design the life you want for yourself or at least have the time to explore what that might be for you.

My focus these days rather than staff and businesses is our homes, finances, family, friends, stuff and things, ourselves. The things that make up a life. Our lives. That’s the good stuff right! The questions, always. How do we make this simpler, more elegant, easier, cheaper, quicker, more fun or eliminate it altogether.

I’ll be honest. I’m not going to teach you how to fit more into your day. I’m not a fan of multitasking. I’m never going to encourage you to go and buy a tonne of pretty boxes, crates, hangers and storage systems. It’s always first going to be about less. Less stuff. Less time. Less cost. Less space. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Then organise. Maybe then some pretty boxes. There are plenty of people that can show you how to do it the other way if that’s what you’re looking for and have gorgeous eye candy blogs to boot. I love them as well, it’s just not my way. So not the way I show here.

So…. I’m real big on community and if you’d like to come hang out in the one I’m creating here, welcome aboard. This is a space for sharing ideas, optimism, encouragement and resources. People and community. To me that’s what a good life is all about. Hope to see you around.


Ever x





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