Hi I'm Ever

Simplifying. Organisation. Training. Change management. These are the things that have always lit me up and I've done them in every job I've held. Processes. People. Events. Systems. I love it all. Now though I focus on people and homes rather than staff and businesses and I know this stuff can be harder than it looks.Overworked, overwhelmed and under-enthused. I've been there and I hear you. Stick around, we Simplify and Organise the stuff, things, habits, routines and systems of your home and life together here.


Firstly though

who a

Let's see...

Implementing, designing, managing and using this stuff for years in the Corporate world and professionally in other jobs. Using it with family and friends in our own environments. I have still at times in my own life fallen off the wagon, drifting into a life that no longer resembled anything that I wanted. Little joy or ease. Dead end jobs. A grim looking future. Too much stuff ... not enough life. Lots of overwhelm, too little joy and fun. Lots of people. Too little real connection. A large wake-up call and some tough lessons got me back on track putting into practice what I knew and previously practised. I continue learning now. Purely because I love it and enjoy passing it along so much.

On a more personal note. I'm an avid reader. (My parents believed I would read the back of a sauce bottle if nothing else was available) I enjoy learning and part of that means I have degrees and certificates but I also think a passion for what you do is even more important in life. Teaching and training have always been one of the most fun and fulfilling parts of my work. My 3 favourite jobs in life have been working in the Defence Forces, Managing for one of Big 4 banks and in a different vein, working in an Antiques/Tea House. I can be chatty and cheerful but recognise when I need to pull back and recharge my batteries. I'm definitely a dog person. I'm not fond of repeating myself or of being told what to do and I can be impatient. I believe the simplest way is often the best. I'm a bit too Type A for my own good.

I think connection, community, health and joy are necessary parts of life and giving back where we can is important. Give me a garden, a library and some great company and I am fully blissed out. My pleasures are simple. Movies, music, museums and nature. Coffee (did I mention I'd been a Barista) Creating a home and my version of a great life. Learning new skills. I love walking the cities, beaches, countryside ... all of it.

I have not long returned from taking time off for nearly 15 months of international travelling. Visiting 7 countries and walking the Camino along the way. An 800km plus pilgrimage trail from France right through Spain to the coast.How did I take that much time off? By using and implementing so much of what I write about here. Now I want to help others do what they dream of but usually, that first means eliminating the unnecessary and reducing the mundane. Simplifying and Organising so we can get on with doing more of what we want with the people we want to do that with. Creating and crafting the life we want.

This is what I spend most of my time doing these days. Building a business, working with others to achieve goals. Decluttering homes, closets, routines and lives. Finding better systems and ways to organise ourselves and run our homes. Plus I'm exploring a new city, opportunities and learning experiences myself. It's all here on the site. If you do need a hand though or some support and ideas for your particular situation there are a couple of options to work with me. All of those details can be found under the Resources tab.

My focus these days as I said is people and homes. Organisation. Family and friends. Stuff and things. Ourselves. Community and connection. The things that make up a life. That's the good stuff right! The question, always. How do we make this simpler, easier, cheaper, quicker, more fun or eliminate it altogether? Where's the joy? What's my best life look like and include for me? I'm not a fan of multitasking, endless storage solutions nor of packing as much into your day as is possible. My focus first is always, on less. Less stuff. Less time-consuming. Less cost. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Then Organise. I think down time and adding fun and joy to your life is important. People. Places. Adventures. The choice is yours. You’ll find me here on these pages along with lots of ideas. Ultimately though. This site is for you. Use it all, laugh, enjoy, discover, discard, discuss… then go create the life you want.